Acme Door Company - AZ


Acme Door Company was created on 08/30/04 . Company Number assigned to this company is 11502816. Registered agent of Acme Door Company is Suzanne L Brei.

Register Data

Company Title Acme Door Company
State Company ID 11502816
Business Type Business
Creation Date Aug 30, 2004
Business Condition Merged With Other Corporation
Status Date 10/14/11
Registration State ARIZONA
County PIMA
Published 09/29/04
Category -
Registered Agent Suzanne L Brei
Agent Status APPOINTED 03/28/2005
Agent Address 4574 N First Ave #150Tucson, Az 85718
Agent Updated 09/28/11


Name Role Register Address Start Date Updated
Donald Medoff PRESIDENT Po Box 27337Tucson, Az 85726 02/01/01 09/28/11
Jennifer Burns SECRETARY Po Box 27337Tucson, Az 85726 02/01/08 02/02/11
Jennifer Burns TREASURER Po Box 27337Tucson, Az 85726 02/01/08 02/02/11


% Suzanne Brei, Esq
4574 N First Ave #150
Tucson, Az 85718


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